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Member Profile: Pirates and Paperdolls


Territories Covered: In an age where technology is at a child’s fingertips many are forgetting what it is to be a child; imagination and physical play are being left behind leaving children with a constant need to have a device in their hands, bone structures are becoming under developed and through this, childhood is rapidly decreasing into simply a mindless pathway to adulthood. However, from this dark and scary glimpse into modern childhood a light bulb moment happened for the creator of Cornwall based Pirates and Paperdolls when researching what was missing from the current market for childrenswear. What she realised was this; children needed the encouragement to put down their devices, get outside, use their imaginations and forge new worlds and new pathways for themselves. This of course cannot happen overnight and slogans telling girls that they could only be pretty and that boys could only be troublemakers was not going to cut it. So creating a gender neutral brand which could encourage children between the ages of 3 and 10 to step outside for a little while could only be a good thing, not only as a brand for all but also from an environmental perspective as well. Garments can be passed from generation to generation so that we can try to stop the ever-increasing stream of fabric waste going to landfill from ‘fast fashion’. Every child needs to be inspired, no matter their gender, ethnicity or ability and from just one small spark of inspiration a vast and bright future can await them with just a little help; and what better way to help then by giving them the right clothing and accessories for their childhood. This can lead to the best of adventures and the most precious of memories. So in creating Pirates and Paperdolls a promise was made. That was that all children should be able to get out and play, every child should be given encouragement through the style, fit and colours in their clothing and all our slogans will inspire and encourage an imaginative and playful life. So what we have to ask ourselves is would we rather our children lead a real life or a virtual one?

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Pirates and Paperdolls
Trelona, Barcelona, Looe, Cornwall, PL13 2JU
Telephone: 07592744453
Contact Person: Liz Caddy
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